I’m second best: Konerko’s razor sharp wit

I can now add to my resume being the topic of Paul Konerko’s final question in what figures to be his last interview for quite some time. It’s a good example of Konerko’s sharp, dry wit that I regularly encountered during my 13 years covering him.

This little piece of humor released at the end of his 10-minute postgame press conference Sunday actually took root when I was standing in the clubhouse with White Sox media relations guru Bob Beghtol three or four years ago or somewhere around there and Bob asked Konerko, ‘Where does Merk rank among beat writers?’ Konerko thinks for a second and responds, ‘Second.’

I’m pretty happy with that answer because as anyone who has interviewed Konerko knows, he’s a great quote but you have to come prepared.

Bob then hits Konerko with the follow up question: ‘Who ranks first?’ Konerko pauses, smiles and says, ‘Everyone else is tied.’

I should have seen that coming, but Konerko was a step ahead–story of his career.

Good luck to a true professional, a highly accomplished player, the face of the White Sox franchise and a man who really knows his movies.

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