Guillen will return to White Sox in 2011

One manager officially was taken off the 2011 open market on Monday.

After meeting separately with White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf and general manager Ken Williams, Ozzie Guillen told the media how he will return in 2011 and hopefully for years to come as the White Sox manager.

“I asked him directly: Did he want to be here? Did he want to be the manager of the Chicago White Sox? He said ‘Absolutely. That’s all I’ve ever wanted,'” said Williams of his talk with Guillen. “He said he never asked for an extension. The timing of something wasn’t commensurate with if he were to go down that road.

“He did want to know what his status was and I told him directly. I hope I never have another manager, at least while I’m sitting in this chair, I hope I never have another manager of the Chicago White Sox other than him.”

Williams said he will deny any team a chance to talk with Guillen if they asked for permission. Guillen, meanwhile, seemed happy to have this issue behind him.

“At least it’s out of my mind, what I need to know,” Guillen said. “What I need to hear. It’s out there, and now we move on and wait till the end of the season to start talking about the club and move on.”

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