Guillen on the Go

I’ve been away from the Blog for a while, so I figured a perfect way to return would be through a story about the namesake of this little endeavor: Being Ozzie Guillen.

I was walking into the Rangers Ballpark Tuesday afternoon and actually had just gone through security when I heard one of the guys at the table yelling in my direction.

“Hold on. Hold on. You can’t go in there,” was pretty close to what I heard and now remember.

I was a bit shocked because the guy literally had just gone through my computer bag and tagged it as good to go. I turned around quickly, honestly a bit miffed, only to have someone cruise past me riding a bicycle.

He was wearing a helmet for safety reasons and looked an awful lot like Ozzie Guillen. Actually, he was Ozzie Guillen. Apparently, security at this particular gate hadn’t familiarized themselves with what the White Sox manager looked like and were just doing their job.

Guillen had brought his bike on the road for exercise and I’m guessing stress relief, but it took my security verification to let Guillen’s ride through the concourse continue. I must have a very trustworthy look.

On Thursday morning, as I was driving down Ballpark Road, ironically, to get to the Ballpark, I saw Guillen once again racing down the near-by bike path. People walked by as if they didn’t know one of the more famous people in Chicago was getting in his daily ride.


You lost my support, I’ll never attend a White Sox game. Thank Ozzie for running his mouth on Television about how lazy Americans are…stereotyping racist.

But USA citizens are lazy….and very uneducated either….And they are proud of it. Strange Empire we live in, isn’t it……

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