Williams calls for Opening Day Blackout

Ken Williams has a special request or, better yet, a challenge for White Sox fans to be carried out on April 5, and it involves their choice of clothing worn to the game against the Indians at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago.

The White Sox general manager would like to see the return of the Blackout.

“No better time to start than Opening Day,” Williams said.

This ‘back in black’ solidarity first was shown on the South Side during the one-game American League Central home tiebreaker against the Twins on Sept. 30, 2008. The 1-0 White Sox victory, behind Jim Thome’s solo home run and John Danks’ eight scoreless innings, sent Ozzie Guillen’s crew to the playoffs against the Rays and was deemed by many in attendance to be every bit as exciting as the 2005 playoff victories.

To this day, the contest was known as the “Blackout Game.” Fans all wore black shirts and waved black towels, followed by black shirts and white towels at the Rolling Blackout first game against the Rays.

Williams would like to set the tone for what could be a special 2010 campaign with the help of the White Sox support system.

And with the forecast calling for 62 degrees and partly sunny on Monday, the weather shouldn’t preclude black from being worn.

“Opening Day is always electric and I don’t know how these things happen,” Williams said. “But if our fans really want to turn up the heat on our opponents and fire up our guys, they will rally together and pick certain dates or against certain opponents and black it out.”   


Day game??

dumb idea

Disagree. It’s NEVER a dumb idea to involve (challenge) the fans. KW has the right idea by trying to manufacture any advantage (psychological or otherwise) for the home games. It will never approach the rabid fans at high-profile college basketball games, but in a game that you know will be a full house…why the heck not?

>>It’s hard to match the entertaining prose produced from the mind of the White Sox manager. But White Sox beat writer Scott Merkin gives it a try.>>

Scott doesn’t appear to be trying THAT hard. His last post was prior to start of season.

Now Jordan at Tor site is a blogger. And he still finds time to write his regular pieces

Why stop at just opening day? Why not make it a White Sox expectation? I think this could do wonders for the team as a sort of PR move in uniting the fans. The White Sox have been aching for an identity since the Frank Thomas days. This could really show the team that Chicago has not forgotten them. I say we may as well make it a spectacle.
Allen D.
AAA State of Play

I love baseball. awesome.


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