Peavy doing just fine

Reports of Jake Peavy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Truth be told, Peavy’s demise never actually was reported. But earlier Tweeted reports today of a car accident involving Peavy where his car was totaled also weren’t quite on the money.

In fact, standing in front of his locker Tuesday with a broad smile on his face, Peavy said the accident involving his rental was so minor that he had to do a double take to realize he even was hit. Peavy was sitting at a stoplight at an intersection in Peoria, Ariz. and got bumped by a car whose driver was distracted and didn’t stop soon enough on the red.

No visible bruises or cuts for Peavy. In fact, he was going to work out after he got done talking to the media and will make his second Cactus League start on Wednesday afternoon. Give Peavy points for generosity, also. He bought dinner for the clubhouse prior to Monday’s night game against the Royals.

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Palehose , where did you put the nuts ?

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