Rehearsing for Woodjock

I stopped by The Venue in Scottsdale for about an hour last night to check out the rehearsal for Thursday night’s Woodjock, 2010, Jake Peavy’s charity concert, presented by

As soon as I arrived, I noticed an interesting looking band on the stage working tirelessly on an Eric Clapton song. There was Bronson Arroyo on vocals, Brandon Medders on lead guitar and Bernie Williams on backup lead guitar. Oh, yes, I can’t forget Barry Zito on the drums.

And they basically rocked, for lack of a better word. I was told that overall rehearsal session ran about four hours.

“I think people are going to be surprised by this show,” said Peavy, who was overseeing the rehearsal at the time I was there, sort of hinting how fans might not expect these players to be accomplished musicians.

Actually, I don’t think people will be surprised. These players taking part in the concert have the same sort of passion for music as they do for baseball, and they are pretty darn good baseball players. I expect a highly entertaining show, with a raucous crowd at this venue that has a very Old West feel to it.

Focusing on the White Sox theme, aside from the obvious front man in Peavy, both Omar Vizquel and Gordon Beckham will be singing. Ben Broussard, who was in White Sox camp last year and is now a touring musician, also will be performing his music. You can bet on many White Sox players being in the audience to lend support.

Are these players as talented behind the microphone as they are on the field? Aside from Williams, the most accomplished of the group, and Broussard, probably not. From the little I witnessed last night, though, this show truly is worth checking out on Thursday. Remember, the proceeds go to Team Focus, Strikeouts for Troops, White Sox Charities and Autism Speaks, so it’s good music for a good cause, or as the show bills itself, “a big league jam fest.”

Here’s another reason to attend Thursday’s show: I will not be singing or playing a musical instrument, for those who were worried.

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I caught some of their performance on youtube, they have to be the most musical athletes short of Wayman Tisdale, that I have ever heard. Good music for a good cause. If only Zito could pitch as good as he can play the drums! ha!
Best, Aprilaire Cook,

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