Beckham joins Woodjock

The lineup for Jake Peavy’s Woodjock, 2010 concert apparently has grown by one with the addition of Gordon Beckham.

Beckham did place one condition on belting a song or two during Thursday’s show at The Venue in Old Town Scottsdale, with all Woodjock proceeds benefitting the Jake Peavy Foundation.

“I said that if I do it, (Peavy) has to be on stage, too,” said Beckham with a laugh of his participation in the event, presented by “He said he wants me to do it, if I want to do it. I think he wants to see me up there.

“It will be a good event. It will be a lot of fun. But he has to be up on stage with me.”

At that point of Saturday’s conversation, Beckham turned to Peavy and asked him what song the duo would be performing. Peavy already is scheduled to be joined by musically-inclined baseball friends such as Bernie Williams, Barry Zito, Bronson Arroyo, Scott Linebrink, Tim Flannery, Ben Broussard and Brandon Medders.

Whereas other players have their CDs released or their instrument of choice listed on their biography at the Woodjock website, here’s the information for Beckham.

“Gordon is an infielder for the White Sox. In 2009, Gordon won the AL Rookie of the Month in July and the Sporting News AL Rookie of the Year.’

As for Beckham’s musical background … . Well, there isn’t much.

“In eighth grade, I was in the A Capella group,” Beckham said. “That’s it. Other than that, it’s singing in the car or shower.”

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Goofy event, bet it would be fun to watch, especially if I smoked pot or still drank.

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