Armstrong stands behind Team Canada

When the United States and Canada first met up in the preliminary round of Olympic competition, White Sox catcher and proud Vancouver native Cole Armstrong had about 12 friends and teammates over to his Spring Training home in Arizona to take in what was sure to be a Canadian victory.

You know what they say about the best-laid plans… .

“I figured I would get on them a little bit, and it backfired,” said Armstrong with a laugh, with the USA claiming a 5-3 victory in the first matchup. “I’ll be feeling better if they pull it out, have a little something more to talk about.”

Canada and the U.S. face off again on Sunday, only with the gold medal on the line in what could be the most watched game in hockey history. Armstrong admits to having a few friendly wagers on the line throughout the White Sox clubhouse, while picking out a few of the top U.S. hockey supporters.

“(Paul) Konerko is into it and (Mark) Kotsay and Carlos Torres,” Armstrong said. “Actually, I don’t know if Torres likes the U.S. team because they beat Canada and he can get on me.

“I’m getting excited. I’m a little more hesitant and a little less confident after the first game than I was going into that one. Like I said, hopefully they can pull it out.”

Armstrong tried hockey as a young player but stopped upon realizing “I wasn’t very good.” He also doesn’t seem too upset about trading in the Olympic experience for Spring Training in Glendale.

“That city is going to be going crazy,” said Armstrong of Vancouver. “I’m glad I’m not anywhere near it. It’s nuts right now.”

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