Guillen joins Social Media

There was no official announcement made by President Barack Obama. There was no breaking news cut-in among whatever shows fill the airwaves on Tuesday night–most likely Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the E Network.

But the world of Social Media changed forever through a simple Twitter, whether you knew it or not. Ozzie Guillen, the always-entertaining and always-colorful White Sox manager, now has his own account: @ozzieguillen.

In the short time that account has been up and running, Guillen already has 3,229 followers and is following nobody. That line pretty much sums up the unique presence known as the leader of the White Sox.

On Monday, we were standing around the clubhouse at Camelback Ranch, taking a break from interviews, when Guillen came in and held an impromptu political roundtable as he was stretching on the floor near the door. I’m not sure what the exact topic was. There were a few of them mixed in there.

I happened to look around the clubhouse, though, as Guillen was passionately mixing his political beliefs with a little bit of profane humor (sidenote: Guillen would give James Carville a solid run in the arena of national and world politics. He’s that knowledgeable) and saw a few non-roster pitchers watching Guillen in action. They had broad smiles on their faces, infinitely entertained, but also had a slight look of ‘Does this happen all Spring Training?” The answer is, yes, it does.

Later, Guillen was talking to Andruw Jones while sitting at his locker, when he spied Juan Pierre getting dressed about six or seven lockers away. Guillen asked if Pierre had been hitting at all during the offseason, to which Pierre responded “No.”

“Good,” Guillen said. “After what I watched today, it would have been a waste of your time.”

Pierre is a Guillen veteran from their days in Florida. He quickly shot back to a laughing Guillen how he saw Guillen’s response coming and that’s why he answered like he did. Yes, this could be a fun clubhouse.

You can read about what happens at @scottmerkin, on this blog, dubbed Being Ozzie Guillen, at and now, @ozzieguillen. His first day of tweets talked about being bored after three days of Spring Training, the bad round of golf he played Tuesday and why Jermaine Dye still doesn’t have a job. Why doesn’t a talented player and a great clubhouse influence such as Dye have a job, by the way?

To sum up Guillen’s Twitter addition, I defer to a tweet from Anthony Castrovince, my friend and colleague covering the Indians.

“At long last, @OzzieGuillen is on Twitter. I’m pretty sure that’s why this thing was invented.”

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