Williams supports Bradley

Milton Bradley is not coming to the White Sox.

Ken Williams made that point fairly clear during his Wednesday afternoon media session at the Winter Meetings in Indianapolis. But the White Sox general manager also lent verbal support to the embattled Cubs outfielder, whose potential trade has fueled the rumor mill for three days in Indianapolis.

“You know, the funny thing is I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Milton in the past and it saddens me to a great extent, actually some of the things, or some of the situations he’s been put in, or put himself in,” Williams said. “I would like to see this guy be able to go out there without all of the distractions from everything and do what he can do.

“This guy can play. I don’t know if I see a fit for us, and I probably shouldn’t even be talking about him because he’s not our player but Milton Bradley can play. He’s really a more thoughtful person and a better person that has been portrayed or he’s shown. It’s too bad.”

Acquiring Bradley would make sense for the White Sox only, and the word only needs to be stressed here, in that he has a career .371 on-base percentage and the switch-hitter also can play the outfield from time to time while serving primarily as designated hitter. Don’t look for that move to happen, despite Williams’ backing of Bradley.

“Listen, I don’t like it when people get in our business and I certainly don’t want to step over any lines,” Williams said. “It’s none of my business what transpires with that situation.”

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