Buehrle skipped; The Chairman speaks

Carlos Torres will take the mound Tuesday night in Cleveland in place of Mark Buehrle, with the White Sox left-hander possibly having made his last start of the 2009 campaign.

“They are pushing me back a couple of days,” said Buehrle, prior to Friday’s 2-0 victory over the Tigers.

“Right now, we’re not in the situation like we need to go there,” said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen of his left-handed ace. “Right now, we don’t know what we’re going to do about it, but I think it’s not worth it to take the aggravation.”

Buehrle will continue to do his regular work in between starts. Guillen hinted that if the last game of the 2009 regular season at Comerica Park means something for the Tigers or the Twins, then maybe Buehrle would make the start.

“I’m not 100 percent sure,” Guillen said.

Otherwise, Buehrle closes out another workmanlike year. He has a 12-10 record, 3.95 ERA and his requisite 32 starts and 207 1/3 innings pitched. The only disappointment for Buehrle would be his 1-7 record and 5.18 ERA over 12 starts since his July 23 perfect game, a stretch in which he has yielded 97 hits in 73 innings.

–Along with the presentations made to Buehrle in honor of the 18th perfect game thrown in Major League history, White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf gave the team a bit of a pep talk early Friday directed toward 2010 preparedness.

“He wants guys to make sure they are going to come in wanting to win and get to the playoffs,” said White Sox rookie third baseman Gordon Beckham of Reinsdorf’s talk. “Hopefully we can do it. He’s the boss and a great person. I really enjoy being around him as much as possible. We all want to do better and fulfill what he wants us to do.”

According to Jake Peavy, Friday’s winning pitcher, Reinsdorf’s words gave him an offseason adrenaline boost past the excitement he already had built up to be ready for 2010.

“Just hearing Jerry talk to the team today got me fired up,” Peavy said. “Talking about competing this winter and being ready to come back and give everything we got to win a world championship next year.”

–Brandon Inge faced Peavy while the right-hander was pitching at a Cy Young-caliber level with the Padres in the National League. And while Peavy wasn’t quite at that level of performance on Friday, Detroit’s third baseman still came away impressed.

“He looked pretty good,” said Inge of Peavy. “His fastball is still jumping pretty good on you. Obviously, it’s not where it used to be; I faced him three or four years ago and he was touching 97, 98. He doesn’t have that kind of juice.

“Nonetheless, it comes out of his hand really well. It really didn’t matter because his slider made up for everything. It was filthy.”

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