RAW is A.J.?

For those who missed WWE’s Monday Night Raw broadcast or weren’t there live at the AllState Arena, you missed a truly classic A.J. Pierzynski moment.

Pierzynski was sitting in the front row with teammates Jermaine Dye, Gordon Beckham and Chris Getz, when some segment began called ‘The Price is Raw’ hosted by the legendary Bob Barker. Wrestlers IRS and Santino Morrello already had been called down, as was some attractive looking blonde-haired woman named Jillian, who I’m guessing was associated with the WWE.

To be honest, I haven’t watched RAW in a while so I’m not familiar with all of the athletes. Someday, I’ll have to blog about my brief career as a wrestling play-by-play man, for a MUCH smaller wrestling organization, but that’s another tale for another time.

Barker needed another contestant to complete contestants’ row and who was called down but Pierzynski. The White Sox catcher and former wrestler/manager, and I think champion of some sort in TNA, the rival pro wrestling organization, completely sold the bit, reacting as if he just won the World Series yet again when his name was called and he got to meet Barker. Pierzynski even was wearing a Price is Right style name tag with A.J. on it.

Unfortunately, Pierzynski’s bid of $1,000 was not the winner but stood as good television nonetheless. Here’s an early prediction: Whenever Pierzynski decides to retire as a Major League Baseball catcher, he will be a star if he decides to go into the wrestling business. He could be the next Bobby Heenan as a manager or Jerry Lawler as an announcer.

Not sure if he wants the bumps and bruises as a wrestler, after enduing the bumps and bruises as a catcher.

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