Contreras gets the call

It’s a manager’s prerogative to change his mind, but in the case of Saturday’s starting pitcher for the White Sox in an afternoon contest at Yankee Stadium, Ozzie Guillen really had no choice.

He said as much late Friday night when Jose Contreras was named to face the Yankees, while Jake Peavy makes his fourth Minor League rehab start for Triple-A Charlotte in Norfolk after taking a line drive off of his pitching elbow on Monday.

“I don’t have any choices,” Guillen said. “Our choices in the Minor Leagues were not that good.”

Guillen could have turned to Carlos Torres or Daniel Hudson from Triple-A Charlotte, but the White Sox didn’t want to make a roster move to correspond with their addition. D.J. Carrasco, who talked to as far back as Spring Training about his desire to start, also was a possibility. But Carrasco’s problem, which is a good one, is that he has made himself too valuable as one of the more consistent arms out of a shaky bullpen of late.

This whole discussion might be a moot point, as rain is called for during most of Saturday in New York. But Contreras will get at least one opportunity to give the team a much needed boost. I guarantee you everyone within the White Sox is rooting for him because of the outstanding, hard-working person that Contreras is and the fact that the White Sox are dropping in the American League Central, now sitting five out.

–I asked Mark Buehrle after Friday’s loss if these walk-off defeats knock down a team more than a regular loss. After all, the White Sox have been walked-off twice this week. Buehrle didn’t think the ending mattered as much as the result.

“Any time you lose, I don’t care which way it is,” Buehrle said. “It’s tough.”


why is he always wearing a sweatshirt, i heard he’s a great guy but he kinda looks dumb.

With the addition of Podsednik early in the year the team settled down and began to look like a contender. Quentin?s return didn?t seem to help the team but didn?t seem to thrown it off track.
Katsay was also a neutral addition since he was inserted without changing the basic structure of the team.
When Rios came aboard at a extremely high salary, ozzie started to rotate outfielders to accommodate him and interrupted the teams balance and, it would seem, its morale. Players now seem confused and uncoordinated. No longer a cohesive playing unit checking the rooster each day to see if they are to play and in what position.
Bringing ?stars? onto a team can do more harm than good.

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