Still waiting on Saturday

There still is no official decision as to Saturday’s starter for the White Sox, although something more concrete should come after Friday’s game. Ozzie Guillen basically ruled out a Minor League callup when addressing the media.

“It has to be between Jose (Contreras) and (D.J.) Carrasco,” Guillen said. “Who is it going to be? I don’t know yet. Depends who we don’t use today.

“We don’t have another options at all. We don’t want to move anyone off the roster and we’ll see how it works.”

Contreras was dropped from the rotation after Monday’s rough start, and Carrasco, the team’s valuable middle reliever, said before the game that he hadn’t heard anything one way or another concerning his Saturday role. Guillen was asked if Jake Peavy was ready to start for Triple-A Charlotte on Saturday, then why couldn’t he start for the White Sox.

Guillen deferred to his general manager for the response.

“That’s Kenny Williams and Peavy’s call,” Guillen said. “I just talk about the guys I have available, and I have only two guys available. I say it before, that kind of shots are called from Kenny and Peavy personal, and then when he’s ready to go, I pencil him in.”

Peavy was in the clubhouse before Friday’s game but was scheduled to leave for Norfolk later Friday.

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