The World According to Beckham

As Gordon Beckham stood in front of his locker and waited for the postgame media barrage to move toward him following Sunday’s 8-4 loss to the Indians, one highly educated White Sox observer put forth the following observation.

“The new Paul Konerko,” the observer said with a smile.

That point wasn’t made to compare Beckham, who has been up in the Majors for about the amount of time it takes to prepare three or four deep dish pizzas, to the highly accomplished career of Konerko. All that was being pointed out is that Beckham, much like the White Sox team captain, has become a go-to interview before and after the game.

To use a phrase invoked many times previously in this blog and on, Beckham gets it–he gets all aspects of being a big leaguer.

There was one especially funny moment on Beckham’s part Sunday, though, dealing with a question from ESPN 1000 ace-reporter Bryan Dolgin. The inquiry was about the White Sox last road trip, a 1-6 showing in Detroit and Minneapolis, and how the South Siders clearly need to be better in Seattle and Oakland.

Certainly, a fair enough and appropriate question. Here’s Beckham’s comedic response.

“You know, the funny thing is I don’t even remember the last road trip. Until you brought that up, I didn’t even remember it,” Beckham said. “So, if we lose, it’s your fault.”

Of course, everyone circled around Beckham let out a good laugh. The kid has the talent to be a superstar, with the leadership qualities and easy-going approach to the game built in.

So, remember, if the White Sox struggle on the West Coast, despite their combined 17-49 record in Seattle and Oakland since 2001, it’s on Dolgin’s shoulders now by Beckham’s decree.

“It’s sometimes good to change scenery and get on the road and get away from distractions,” added Beckham, taking a more serious tone about the upcoming trip.

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I had the opportunity to meet him Friday at the White Sox Volunteer Corps event, and I have to say that I was amazed at how gracious he was. With all the success that he’s had since he came to the Majors, it could easily have gone to his head. He took the time for pose for pictures with fellow volunteers, and casually chatted while working on the assembly line filling the food boxes.

With such great guys to learn from on the team, I am sure that he will go very far.

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