Buehrle on Letterman, perfect game recognition

Mark Buehrle has yet to receive the official word confirming his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman this Monday. Buehrle would tape a show staple Top 10 list from Minneapolis, along with teammates Dewayne Wise and Josh Fields, in honor of Buehrle hurling the 18th perfect game in Major League Baseball history on Thursday against Tampa Bay.

Being the consummate teammate, Buehrle wanted chief contributors Wise (the catch) and Fields (the grand slam) to join him in this move into network television. But Buehrle had a second reason for their addition.

“I wouldn’t have wanted to (alone) because I don’t like reading that much stuff,” said Buehrle with a laugh. “My agent (Jeff Berry) is the one who hooked that all up. I don’t like doing that kind of stuff.

“They were trying to fly me out for Conan O’Brien and that’s just too much national television stuff, the camera getting in front of my face. I’m not into all that.”

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen spoke on Friday as to how Buehrle throwing no-hitters and a perfect game is about as far removed from his gameplan as could be expected, with Buehrle not featuring a high-octane fastball and relying more on opposing hitters making contact and putting the ball in play. But getting Buehrle to take advantage of this fame through television shows and commercials…?

Well, that idea is even more foreign to the laid-back hurler with Midwestern sensibilities then the hitless efforts.

“With the no-hitter and success I’ve had, trying to get me out there and doing commercials or different things, they want me to get out there and I turn a lot of them down,” said Buehrle, who admitted with all of the talk and hype surrounding the Letterman appearance, it almost has to happen, at this point. “I like doing stuff, getting stuff and doing whatever, but I don’t like doing all the TV stuff that’s involved in doing it.”

Buehrle does appreciate the love and appreciation shown to him from within the baseball fraternity following Thursday’s perfect effort. A clubhouse video has circulated showing members of the Phillies going crazy when Wise robbed Gabe Kapler of the ninth-inning homer and then the group cheering just as loudly when Buehrle retired Jason Bartlett for the game’s final out.

After completing a round of interviews Friday in the White Sox dugout at Comerica Park, Detroit first baseman Miguel Cabrera stopped Buehrle to offer his personal congratulations.

Of course, the ultimate sign of respect came when numerous Tampa Bay players stayed in the visiting dugout, while the wild celebration took place on the field, to recognize Buehrle’s effort.

“To me, that was a very classy move,” Buehrle said. “I didn’t see it at the very beginning but a couple of guys said the whole team was out there for the majority of the celebration. Then, I got done with the interviews and there were six or eight guys out there. I gave them a thumbs up and I thought that was a class act by the guys out there.

“David Price wrote me a note and said, ‘Hey, it was an awesome game to watch and to be a part of history. It was an awesome game, congrats.’ Just all that kind of stuff, it makes you feel good that guys recognize it.

“Anytime history is going to be made, guys will tune in and watch it whenever they can. I think the same way,” Buehrle said. “It made me smile and feel good when they showed the (Phillies) going crazy when Wise made that catch. It almost kind of seemed like certain guys were rooting it on for it to happen.”

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