An important new White Sox addition?

In a seemingly unprecedented move, White Sox general manager Ken Williams inked a young but inexperienced hitter to a contract after an extended batting practice session prior to Thursday’s series finale with the Indians at U.S. Cellular Field.

Although this player seems full of promise, don’t look for him to reach the Majors any time soon. After all, Alexei Ramirez’s son, Alexei, Jr., is only five years old.

The younger Ramirez, working with an oversized plastic bat, took swing after swing early Thursday, with his dad pitching. When Ozzie Guillen was done with his pregame media session, he leaned over the dugout rail and watched Alexei, Jr. with amusement, with the little ballplayer yelling to Guillen almost every time he made contact.

Guillen occasionally would yell out, ‘Thome,’ and Alexei Jr., hitting left-handed, would raise his bat up to look like the prolific slugger. Williams eventually borrowed a piece of paper and a pen from one of the reporters and walked out to the batting cage to get Ramirez’s signature. Ramirez already had the Major League look working for him, sporting a full White Sox uniform with the No. 10 on the back.

No word on the length of the contract or the money offered as part of the spontaneous deal, but here’s an early scouting report–the kid can hit.

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Lol, Scott Reifert talked about this on his blog today. It was so adorable – he mentioned how Alexei Jr. could barely make it all the way around the bases. It’s nice to see that the team is so family-friendly, especially with the players’ kids.

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