In search of Colon

MISSING: A right-handed pitcher with a 153-103 career record, who checks in roughly as 5-foot-11, 250 pounds. If found, please return Bartolo Colon to Charlotte, where he is scheduled to pitch for the Triple-A Knights.

Apparently, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and general manager Ken Williams both need a little help in the locating process where the veteran hurler is concerned.

“I know where he is supposed to be right now,” said Williams with a smile when talking about Colon on Tuesday. “He’s supposed to be in Charlotte, preparing to start on Thursday.

“Efforts to contact his agent have been successful. Their efforts to contact their client have not been so successful. The bottom line is if he’s out there and ready to go on Thursday and can show a better mix of fastballs to breaking ball ratio…”

Williams then went on to discuss the chances of the 36-year-old still fitting into the rotation. If he is to have any sort of chance at coming back, since being sidelined on June 8 with left knee inflammation, Colon won’t be able to solely rely on his fastball. That plan might have worked five or six years ago, when Colon still was throwing in the mid to high 90s. It doesn’t hold the same water with his fastball at 89.

“As you know, there was not enough of a mix,” Williams said. “Listen, he’s ready to go in terms of competing. But if he gets to the point where he’s ready to mix in more of his breaking balls, he’s got a place here. If he doesn’t, he doesn’t have a place here.”

Williams went as far as to list Colon as a potential starting candidate for the split doubleheader in Detroit on July 24. Of course, the White Sox have to first find Colon this week.

“Only he can dictate when he’s going to be ready for that,” Williams said. “He’s been rehabbing down in Phoenix, and we will see if he’s in Charlotte on Thursday and if he starts. If he’s in Charlotte on Thursday and he starts, then we’ve got him on the program we want him to be on and he’ll be a candidate for the doubleheader on July 24.

“Otherwise, somebody will take the mound. This train is going to keep rolling.”


He’s the great disappearing pitcher! No one seems to know where he is at the moment!

This sounds like what happened when he pitched for the Red Sox!


Search all The Dunkin Donuts and Burger Kings

You wanna find Colon? Look on the back of his baseball card between the years 2000 & 2005, because that was the last time he was Bartolo Colon.

i think he went to DOMeric republic today…
i hope he is okay and be found by tomorrow…
email me at

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