Postgame commentary

The White Sox will honor the 50th anniversary of the 1959 World Series team, a group that lost to the Dodgers, prior to Thursday’s series finale. Luis Aparicio, Jim Rivera, Billy Pierce and Jim Landis are some of the players from that team scheduled to be in attendance.

But leave it to Ozzie Guillen to lend his interesting, yet somewhat bizarre, and always humorous take on the planned ceremony.

“They’re still alive?” said Guillen with a laugh, drawing a laugh from the media during his press conference following Wednesday’s 10-7 win. “I see Billy everyday. Every time I see Billy, he’s Mr. White Sox.

“I think what they did was nice. I hope they invite me when they celebrate the 2005 team. If I keep managing this ballclub, pretty soon I’m not going to be alive, but it’s always nice to see those people back in uniform, back in town.

“But we see those guys every time,” Guillen said. “Just name it. We see them everywhere. We sign autographs at the zoo, they’re behind us. That doesn’t surprise me.”

–Asked to describe how Josh Fields has handled his move from starting third baseman to utility player, team captain Paul Konerko offered the following analysis.

“Classy. Awesome. Hard-worker. Does all that is asked of him,” Konerko said. “It was nice to see him rewarded tonight.”

Fields earned a start at third base on Thursday with his three-hit, two home run effort on Wednesday.

“Dads say it as far back as in Little League: Hit and you play,” Field said. “I felt good about my at-bats and my swing.”

–I was asked this question tonight during the game, and I’m looking for a little help from the White Sox fan base in finding an answer.

Jared Mitchell, who was the Outstanding Player at the College World Series and the White Sox top pick in the 2009 First-Year Player, has won a football and baseball title at LSU. How many other collegiate players can make that same claim? I’ll hang up and listen for your responses.

While the White Sox had to be thrilled by Mitchell’s performance, No. 1 Texas fan John Danks didn’t seem all too excited about the Longhorns’ loss.

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