All about Ozzie

As me and my media bretheren were milling around the White Sox clubhouse Wednesday morning, Ozzie Guillen called me into his office to show off a new shirt he had purchased.

The shirt read, “Ozzie mows Wrigley,” and had Guillen on a riding motor super-imposed into a rendering of Wrigley Field. He apparently bought the shirt off of some street t-shirt vendor, with many other politically incorrect options to be had, I’m sure. Actually, I’ve seen many of them.

Guillen laughed at the joke on the shirt, poking fun at his dislike for the visiting facilities at Wrigley Field. But he also told the vendor that while he might mow Wrigley Field, he’s not standing out in the rain selling t-shirts like this guy was on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Guillen had an equally humorous take when asked about the lack of outbursts coming from him and Cubs manager Lou Piniella this season. Are they getting calmer as they advance in years?

“Well, I think Lou is getting old and I’m getting poor. I’m broke. Every year I donate too much money to Major League Baseball,” said Guillen, drawing his daily laugh from the media. “I don’t think we need it.

“One thing I follow in baseball is Lou’s press conference. I never miss them, I never do. I think they’re fun.”

Guillen had harsh words for his team following last Monday’s first-game loss to the Tigers during a home doubleheader. The White Sox seem to have responded to his challenge.

“I say what I have to say the day we played poorly, I say that because of the way we were playing,” Guillen said. “Right now, I don’t think we have to do it. When we have to do it, we’re going out and doing it.

“Sometimes, it’s like when your parents, day in and day out, they are all over you, and then all of a sudden the kids just start making fun of you and don’t listen to you. You have to pick your spots when to say stuff, and how.”

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I have been a W.sox fan for 50 years,But I have never been
an Ozzie fan well maybe when he played.I know he has a ring with the W sox ,but I believe it was because the sox played the best there life.Don’t think they were the bestteam ,and it was’nt that Ozzie was a great a matter of fact he really s—s.This year every time they had a chance to sweep a team he would rest hot players,and I have to believe they never want to rest while there winning. as far as his pitching changes i would bet M. B would have alot to say about some of the moves he made with him. Ozzie needs to go.

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