Homestand leftovers

One day after general manager Ken Williams talked about the future direction of the White Sox if they don’t pick up the pace a bit in the next few weeks, manager Ozzie Guillen addressed the same topic Thursday.

“Kenny is the GM and my job is to manage the team he put on the field,” said Guillen, when asked if he expected big personnel changes to come for his team. “My job is to make the best ballclub out of that. Kenny in the past and in the future, as long as I’m here, we are on the same page. He gives me great ballclubs to compete. Maybe people don’t believe that, but I do and I’m the one in charge of this ballclub.

“If we continue to play this way, you know something is going to happen. If we do a little better, then obviously we are going to keep the ballclub. We are here to win and we build this ballclub to win.

“Obviously, every general manager will do the same thing or think about it,” Guillen said. “We not playing good, that’s his decision and I respect his decision. I hope players start playing better and we can keep the same people with the ballclub. If not, that’s part of the game. The media has to understand that.”

Guillen added that he doesn’t want to his team get into too deep of a long-term hole, where it will take years to climb out. Williams agrees with that philosophy, and incorporated young players such as Chris Getz, Josh Fields and even Gordon Beckham into the 2009 fold to stay competitive in the present and future.

“I don’t want to get in the hole and suffer for the next 10 years trying to get better,” Guillen said. “If we don’t think we are going to get it done with this ballclub, Kenny has to make the decision. He has a job and he’s doing a pretty good job.

“Some time people don’t like the decisions other ones make. It’s easy to make decisions for someone else. We are not talking about it, but I will do the same stuff.”

As for handling a young team, Guillen sees no problem if the change over occurs.

“I don’t see why not,” Guillen said. “Those guys have a lot of talent. Hopefully, that’s a lesson for those kids. They learn from the best and it’s not because they are my players.

“When you play with Jermaine Dye, Paul Konerko and Jim Thome, those three guys, you are not going to be better teammates than those guys. They are professional and go about business the right way. They do everything they can for baseball. Hopefully those kids look up to these guys and play the way these guys play.”

–I had the chance to talk with Dewayne Wise today and asked him if he was safe at home during Tuesday’s 7-6 loss to Detroit in 10 innings. Wise would have been the game-winning run in the bottom of the ninth, completing a four-run ninth on Paul Konerko’s three-run double, but home-plate umpire Jim Joyce ruled him out on the definition of a bang-bang play.

Wise respectfully disagreed, holding his palms flat out in response to the question.

“Safe,” Wise said with a smile.

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