More on Beckham

Could there be actually any more to write about Gordon Beckham? I think his rise to the Major Leagues has been fairly well chronicled over the past two days. And as the old Carpenters’ song goes, Beckham has only just begun.

Beckham’s strong Spring Training performance was important, not only to show Beckham was ready to play at the Major League level, but he also had a chance to bond with his future teammates. And even players such as Josh Fields and Chris Getz, who Beckham will be taking playing time from, especially Fields, have nothing but good things to say about Beckham.

“He’s a great guy,” said Fields of Beckham.. “I talked about it earlier, but it was inevitable he would be in the big leagues quick. He has been playing well. We’ll see what their plan is. I like him and will talk to him and help him out as much as I can. I don’t know if I’m necessarily the person to do that. But there’s no hard feelings or anything like that.”

“Gordon’s a great guy,” Getz said. “A very talented player. A bright future ahead of him.”

–Hitting coach Greg Walker doesn’t intend to reinvent the wheel in regard to Beckham’s approach at the plate. Walker plans to let Beckham go with what has been working for him at Double-A Birmingham and Triple-A Charlotte this season, while being there for any questions or adjustments Beckham needs to make.

“We are going to let him play,” Walker said. “We’ll go up and ask him what he was doing in Birmigngham and Charlotte to get ready for games. But short of standing on his head to swing, we will let him do exactly what he has been doing.

“Everyone likes his talent, mechanics and attitude. Now, we will see how he handles the big leagues.”

— Getz was available to pinch-hit or pinch-run on Thursday. He expects to be back in the lineup Friday against Cleveland’s Carl Pavano, coming back from a mildy sprained right ankle.

–Here’s Fields take on potentially getting some time at first base, in a search to continue getting him at-bats.

“Last year, when I was considered the utility guy off the bench, I was classified as third base and first base,” Fields said. “They had me working there, but I have no experience at first. It might be like my left field debacle in 2007.”


Gordon looked pretty good yesterday. I hope the expectations the fans and media have placed on him aren’t too high. And I’m glad Josh knows that his venture into left field was a debacle. Hopefully his time at first won’t turn out the same way.

Now that Beckham has replaced Wilson Betemit on the roster, who exactly does Ozzie plan to put at first to back Paulie? He’s far from a 162 kind of guy.

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