Never a doubt

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen caused a few heads to turn and a few eyebrows to be raised during his Sunday press conference when he mentioned Mark Buehrle suffered a brief setback during Spring Training due to soreness after missing time due to the birth of his daughter. That soreness became stiffness, as Guillen corrected himself almost immediately, and before the interview session was over, Guillen said it was just the normal stiffness that a pitcher would experience during Spring Training.

“I don’t think Buehrle picked up a ball all winter. That’s what I thought,” Guillen said. “All of a sudden he was pitching. When you start practice, no matter how much you work in Spring Training, you are going to get stiff. He was behind everyone else when he missed a couple of days when his baby was born. But Buehrle don’t need that many days at Spring Training anyways.”

In fact, Buehrle said he would need three or four starts in Spring Training to truly get ready. He had four starts and five appearances overall this spring. As for any shoulder stiffness that could have jeopardized his seventh Opening Day start, Buehrle said there never was a doubt in his mind.

“No. I’ve pitched in pain and stiffness for 10 years,” Buehrle said. “When you throw a lot of innings, you are going to be sore. But I never thought I would miss tomorrow’s start.”


I hope that Buehrle is ready to go.


Mark will be fine for Monday Tuesday. I have no doubts.

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