Monday meanderings

Although Jerry Owens is the only individual talking about being placed on waivers Monday, other members of the White Sox organization have talked about where Owens went wrong in his pursuit of the leadoff spot and center field job this spring. Here was Ozzie Guillen’s take after the game.

I was a little disappointed. We have been waiting for him for three years and we give him the job for three years,” Guillen said. “Last year he got hurt.

“It’s unfortunate and a shame this kid didn’t get it done. He has all the tools in the world. Hopefully he stay with us. If not, I wish him the best of luck. He’s a great kid and he played hard for us. Everything didn’t work out the way we thought it was going to work out.”

Let me second Guillen’s comments on Owens being a great kid–always classy and willing to talk, even if things weren’t going his way. From talking with Guillen and general manager Ken Williams, it sounds like a lack of energy contributed to costing him the job at the top.

“Well, everybody has different ways to do things,” Guillen said. “If you are going to act like him, you have to be Harold Baines. The leadoff guy has to give some life and stuff. We talked to him about it a lot of times, but that’s the way he is. That’s his personality. We have to respect that.”

–As far as the present leadoff job goes, Dewayne Wise will fill the role at the season’s outset. But don’t count out Brian Anderson.

“It depends on the matchup and depends on how he swing the bat,” said Guillen of Wise and Anderson. “I think Brian is going to see more at-bats against lefties but we will see how it works out, how good he swing the bat.

“(Wise) swing the bat right now good against everybody and we expect him to continue to do it. But it’s a long season and if some problem happens, Brian will be there to help him.”

–Williams gave plenty of props to young hurlers such as Jack Egbert and Lance Broadway, who turned the final cuts into tough decisions for the White Sox.

Egbert will work out of the bullpen for Triple-A Charlotte, according to Williams. Broadway was in the last round of discusions, as late as Monday morning, as to who the White Sox were going to take with them to Chicago. 

–Remember my NCAA Tournament prediction of Michigan St.-Michigan in the final? I hope I’m completely wrong. I like North Carolina over UConn, at this point.


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I’m the only comments in two days cause this blog is terrible.
Merkin, step it, how about posting random stuff from the day that doesn’t have enough meat to be a story. You’ve got to be asking more questions during the day than this.

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