The gang is all here

For those wondering about those wide-ranging rumors regarding the White Sox possibly acquiring Melky Cabrera, Gary Matthews, Jr. or even Juan Pierre as the team’s leadoff man/center fielder, manager Ozzie Guillen seemed to squelch that talk following Thursday’s 3-1 loss to Arizona at Camelback Ranch.

No, we're not going [outside]," said Guillen, when asked if talk came up centering on names not in camp during the staff's daily meetings. "I don't want that to happen, I don't like that to happen. If we have to go outside the organization right now, gosh, I'm not going to say we're in trouble, but as a ballclub we have enough guys here to resolve that problem.''

So, it looks as if the final two roster spots for position players, assuming Brian Anderson is on the roster, will come from the group of Dewayne Wise, Brent Lillibridge and Jerry Owens. At this point, the White Sox will not take on any more payroll, which rules out a number of potential outside options, unless the offering franchise picks up a bulk of the contract.



Well – that’s one less place for Melky to go!


What do you think about Josh Kroeger’s chance to make the team Scott? Having both Wise and Owens seems redundant to me, and it seems like Kroeger would be more useful as a bench bat/fifth outfielder than whoever loses their platoon battle. Do you think Ozzie and KW are giving him any consideration? He’s definitely had a strong spring.

Who do you think will be the odd man out of those three players battling for the final spots?.. Personally, I think it should be Jerry Owens. And Lillebridge would be extremely valuable to the club, in my opinion, because he can be a utility player similar to Pablo Ozuna or Juan Uribe in recent years. I like Wise because he can make things happen on the basepaths and is solid defensively. Your thoughts?

I’m so glad those rumors are false. How hard would that be on those three since they’ve all worked so hard to be the starter? I’d be irritated right now if those turned out to be true!

5 days without a post, this is great blog.

I understand the need to give players in your own organization a chance, but when a player of Matthews caliber can be had for the right price…you jump on it. He can be a lead off hitter as well as a younger version of Tori Hunter…..remember him? BA has gotten 3 or 4 chances as well as Owens…Wise is a decent backup but I will admit of the 3 is the best Leadoff option at this point. Matthews a 5th outfielder in LA? Wow, give up Broadway, Richard or a package and go get this guy! Before a team like say Boston, NY or even the Scrubs do. Tell me the Sox lineup wouldn’t look better with Matthews?

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