Stewart to the Yankees

Chris Stewart was sent to the New York Yankees on Sunday for future considerations. Stewart hit .200 for the White Sox over eight games this spring.

The trade leaves Corky Miller and Donny Lucy as the only remaining candidates in camp for the backup catcher’s job. Miller appears to have the present edge.



I love the phrase “Future Considerations”. It sounds so mysterious!


what exactly does “future considerations” mean?

Future considerations can mean anything of the following:

1) The White Sox receive a Player To Be Named Later. Usually the quality of the PTBNL depends on how useful the first player is. The Sox will receive a player similar to Stewart, numbers wise. 2) The White Sox receive cash. Again, the price could go up a notch if Stewart does really good.

I hope Miller gets the job, just because I love the name Corky Miller.

I don’t know if Sox have drafted a Cather Recently…but this is scary should AJ ( god forbid) goes down. Corky Miller? Lucy, we should’ve signed IRod just in case… could’ve had him cheap too, plus he’s a Latin player Ozzie absolutely loves! good R/H option off the bench. not sure the Sox did their due diligence with Ivan….

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