The sky is not falling

The plan for John Danks during Monday’s start against the Indians was for the southpaw to work four innings. That plan was altered after Danks allowed six runs, five earned, on eight hits in two innings.

Actually, I was supposed to go four, but I threw 95 pitches in two innings," said Danks with a laugh.

Danks exaggerated Monday's ineffectiveness and his final pitch count, but in all honesty, it was the worst outing from a White Sox starter this spring. So, what does that mean?

Absolutely nothing.

Danks was probably more despondent over his beloved Longhorns getting taken down by Kansas over the weekend then his effort against Cleveland. His velocity was there but his overall command wasn't and a couple of miscues in the field didn't help.

"I tried to throw a couple of curveballs and bounced them," Danks said. "The cutter was good some times, but it was backing up on me. The changeup was good, but the fastball command, it was probably the worst fastball command I've had this spring for whatever reason.''

Here's something you should know about Danks: he seems to be a bit of a perfectionist. Even when he was cruising along last Wednesday night against the Cubs or during his opening start against Arizona, he wasn't happy with location. While Danks is not where he says he needs to be right now, he will be once the season begins.

Look for somewhere between 15 to 18 wins for him this year. Danks needs to come through to break the Holiday Q and A curse, which has nabbed three White Sox players the year after they consented to do the December interview.

Here's one good note to close on from Danks.

"This was probably the most mechanically-sound I've felt in my three starts," Danks said. "So at least we're making strides.''



It doesn’t sound like he’s too worried about this, so that makes me feel better. I’d rather have him give up 6 runs in 2 innings now than during the regular season!

It seems like he had a good attitude. I hope it can carry him through.


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