Wednesday musings

–A hearty congratulations to Jamie and Mark Buehrle on the birth of their daughter, Brooklyn Jayden, who entered the world early Tuesday morning at 6-pounds, 7-ounces. We will all have to wait until Mark returns Sunday to find out the origin of this beautiful name.

–Keep an eye on John Van Benschoten’s mound work, with the right-hander pitching tonight against the Cubs in Las Vegas. He has a shot to make the White Sox as a long reliever.

–Make sure you check out Gordon Beckham’s new blog, titled “Deep Thoughts By Gordon Beckham.” His first entry, The Japanese Game Show, is a fun read. He’s an articulate young man, and as I’ve said in this blog numerous times, Beckham is a player, with star written all over him.

–As I was sitting at dinner the other night at a restaurant in Westgate, three major White Sox fans–Mike, Bob and Bob (I remembered their names because they e-mailed me after the fact. The memory starts to go after 40), introduced themselves and we started talking baseball and about my job, etc. It was a most interesting conversation.

I wanted to encourage anyone who comes to Spring Training to check out the White Sox or any other baseball team, and bumps into me around town, to come up and introduce themselves. It’s always good to get fans’ perspectives on the team, as it often triggers future ideas for stories, and it’s just as good to get feedback on our coverage–positive or changes you would like to see made.

In fact, I’m currently in Las Vegas covering the White Sox and Cubs. So, anybody who made the trip, feel free to e-mail me. We could all meet up after the game, if we could just find a place that stays open late here.

— A special thanks to e-mailer Dan, who sent me a recommendation for Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar on Paradise in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, this short trip won’t allow me to check it out, but it’s on my list for the next visit.

–Three words to describe this past Sunday’s Rock of Love: Best episode ever, seriously!! That’s actually four words, but it was highly entertaining.

–The word shocking should never be used to describe an epidsode of The Bachelor, as I saw on one entertainment show following Monday’s finale, unless someone’s talking about the ridiculous ratings that show gets. Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but could someone explain the attraction of this show?

I know, I watch Rock of Love. But that show is real, at least.

–One final thought: I enjoy checking out the status updates of my various Facebook friends throughout the week. But one young lady on that list recently had an update that caught my eye. She apparently was watching the first White Sox Spring Training game in Glendale, played last Sunday afternoon, on her DVR that night.

That, my friends, is true devotion to one’s team!




I don’t get the Bachelor either! Congrats on the birth of Brooklyn!


Congrats to the Buehrles! Coming to Glendale with the family end of March…I’ll look for you!
Sounds like Jose may be back much sooner. I have a fear things are moving too fast here, but I guess we’ll see. How is the Cuban missle looking as SS? I worry about him moving over there. Our infield is certainly going to look different this year!

How interesting would it be if Buehrle’s baby Brooklyn married Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson’s baby Bronx? Maybe the second generation would take names from the second city? Baby Bridgeport has a good ring to it… totally just kidding!

And perhaps you should just skip my fbook status today, its been a bad week. But be on the lookout for updates about our dear old friend Scottie Pods, they pop up with some frequency…


Don’t you worry one bit about the Cuban Missle at SS. Remember, that is his NATURAL position. So, he was utterly exciting at 2B and that wasn’t even his regular position! So, just think how great he will be at SS this season! Gonna be a good year – I can just feel it in my bones!


Yea Marie I know it’s his natural, but there is just so much change in that infield. I’m hoping they all gel together. He was fun to watch at 2B last year. I’m just hoping it will not be painful to watch them all learn to work together. I would like to have your confidence and I hope your feelings are right!!

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