Camelback Ranch Leftovers

Paul Konerko addressed a wide array of topics after playing in Sunday’s stadium opener, including the soreness near his right thumb that plagued him throughout the 2008 season. The White Sox first baseman said he wouldn’t wait as long to get a pain-killing shot this year, because of how much better the thumb felt after getting one last year.

I won’t wait 25 games, play like that,” Konerko said. “I would get the shot in the spring. Also, that’s not a shot you want to get more than twice a year. But it felt really good last year after the shot, and that’s something I’m kicking myself about.

“You always think you can just get through, hot and cold [treatment] and all of that. It’s been there since I was young, so it’s not going away, but I’m at the point where I would get it done early, get on my way, and then get one later in the year if I would need it. Hopefully not.”

Konerko said the thumb injury is one that’s always there, but one he has to keep an eye on. So far, so good for him during Spring Training, including “getting absolutely blown up inside” during a Sunday at-bat and suffering no after-effects.

–Konerko on one major personal beneift of the White Sox moving to Glendale:

” Believe me when it comes to Spring Training and the fact that I'm living at home, you won't really hear me complain," said Konerko, who resides with his family in North Scottsdale.

--Gordon Beckham's ninth-inning home run led one reporter to ask if his swing reminded Ozzie Guillen of any more established player. Guillen came up with Cubs Hall-of-Famer Ryne Sandberg. Not much to live up to there for the eighth pick overall in the 2008 First-Year Player Draft.

--Here are the players set to make the two-day trip to Las Vegas as of Sunday, with the White Sox leaving Wednesday morning.

They are Chris Getz, Jermaine Dye, DeWayne Wise, Josh Fields, Jerry Owens, Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Cole Armstrong, Wilson Betemit, Ben Broussard, Tyler Flowers, Michael Restovich, Josh Kroeger, Jayson Nix, Eider Torres and Sergio Santos.

John Danks starts Wednesday night. Jeff Marquez starts Thursday afternoon.



I hope Konerko’s thumb doesn’t give him too many problems this season.


Let’s see another strong outing from Marquez. Put the pressure on the old guys (Contreras & Colon)

Given the title, I thought this was going to be about something else.

Thanks for posting the lineup for the Vegas games. Can’t wait to get there!!!

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