You pick the Oscars

After sitting through Sunday night’s show, I started thinking how the more popular, thoroughly entertaining movies rarely get honored. So, I came up with my Top 5 movies that have been overlooked by the Academy Awards, and welcome your commentary and your personal choices. In no particular order, they are

1) Halloween: For my money, the best horror film ever made.

2) The Warriors: Great tale of teen angst, and who among us didn’t find the Baseball Furies a little bit entertaining.

3) Can’t Buy Me Love: Ok, the acting wasn’t exactly cinematic brilliance, but just about everyone can relate to the trouble kids go through in high school in trying to find where they belong and dealing with cliques. Big fan of Amanda Peterson, who played Cindy Mancini in this movie.

4) Anchorman: Can’t think of a movie that made me laugh so hard from start to finish. During the one time I briefly met Christina Applegate after her show in New York, I told her about how much I enjoyed this movie. She looked at me like, ‘Great, now my career is complete.’

5) The Fugitive: Harrison Ford’s best movie and just well put together overall. Extra points for it taking place in Chicago.

I’ll try to throw in a non-baseball related topic every now and then just to keep you all honest. And by the way, thanks again for the great response to the blog so far–both here and on Facebook. Talk to you from Tucson.



Can’t Buy Me Love???? You just like the nerdy version of McDreamy!!
If you go in that vein, just about any of those 80 movies can fall in there. Breakfast Club, 16 Candles–that one just might be on my list!
Anchorman is right up there. I still laugh till I pee when I watch it!
Just Friends with Ryan Reynolds. Another bladder buster. Who hasn’t been in the “friend zone” before??
I know it is holiday, but throw Elf in there as well. I can watch that one any time of year for those silly lines and Will Ferrell in yellow tights! One of the few movies you don’t see him nude.

1. how about “clear and present danger” for a Harrison Ford flick?

Elf! Yes! I think the Blues Brothers should have received Best Movie Honors!


Sorry kids……The best Ford films? Its a tie. Star Wars and the o.g. Indiana Jones. I hate horror movies so I won’t even go there. Can’t but me love? I thought I was the only person who saw that one. My wife goes ga ga over McDorkie, I showed her cbml and she thought he was even cuter. I do like the airplane graveyard, if that place exisists I want to see it. I agree with obrn….Love Breakfeast Club. Anchor man is incredible…Ive seen the Jack Black scene a million times and could watch it a million more. A few other classics: One flew over the cuckoos nest, Cool hand Luke, Rasing Arizona, Joe Dirt, Fargo, Forrest Gump, etc……

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