Things I learned … Recently

–Apparently, I need to go see Slumdog Millionaire.

–I still think Mickey Rourke should have won Best Actor for The Wrestler. Then again, that was the only movie I saw out of the nominations.

–Michigan won’t be going to the NCAA Tournament unless the Wolverines win their next three games or win the Big 10 Tournament. What happened to Manny Harris, is what I want to know?

–Taking a nap from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. is not conducive for falling asleep later that night. I tried this trick out on Saturday. It won’t happen again.

–There are FAR too many pseudo-reality shows on VH-1. Keep Rock of Love and dump the rest.

–I’m looking forward to Cactus League games actually beginning. Trips to Tucson on Las Vegas on the horizon in the next week.

More later. It’s 85 in Glendale today, by the way.



By the way. Nice! Especially since you know we didn’t get about freezing here in Chicago, by the way.

But lucky me, I’ll be there in Vegas when you are!! (Look for me in my Pierzynski jersey)

How does Alexi look? Any heavier? How about Jenks? Any lighter? We have all heard about Contreras loosing 30 pounds and looking ready to go, what about everyone else?

Scott, thanks for rubbing it in, about the temperature. However, I will have my fun in the sun on March 16th when I trek down to AZ.

Keep up the good work Scott – GO SOX!

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