Live from Glendale

I received a friendly reminder this morning from one of my new Facebook friends, Marie, as to how it was time to update the blog. I let it go for a couple of days, although in my defense, Thursday was one of the longest days ever when position players reported.

But we are back on this sun-drenched Saturday morning, not missing the snow one bit, but I’m also feeling bad for my friends and family who are shoveling and slip-sliding down the streets of Chicago.

The talk out of the White Sox clubhouse this morning centered on favorite son Joe Crede and the report that he had agreed to a one-year deal with the Twins. I talked with players such as Mark Buehrle, Jermaine Dye and Brian Anderson, and they are all happy for Crede, tempered with some concern for how Crede’s balky back will hold up over 81 games on the Metrodome turf. Crede also can expect a great deal of ribbing and straight on verbal assaults from his White Sox friends when he’s standing at third base for Minnesota at U.S. Cellular Field.

As for how he should be remembered as part of the White Sox, here’s a solid comment from Buehrle to sum it up.

“One of the greatest third baseman off all time, if you ask me,” said Buehrle of Crede’s place in White Sox lore. “What he did, like I said before, when he wasn’t over there, there were balls he got to that you expect to be caught, and you turn around and they weren’t caught.”

When people ask me about covering the White Sox, I’ve always talked about how there’s not a bad guy to deal with in the clubhouse. It’s a fact. But I really enjoyed covering Crede, who could talk about the game but also could be flat out ridiculous and infinitely entertaining with his humor, at times.

Hopefully, this ends up being a good deal for a quality individual.









I’m going to miss Joe incredibly. Like the players, I’m concerned for his back. I hope he can play well…except against the Sox. 🙂 Good luck, Joe! You will be missed!

While I had the pleasure of watching him play for the Winston-Salem Warthogs (now the Dash) in 1998, I am also saddened to not only see him don the jersey outside of the White Sox organization but to a divisional foe. This unique twist of events ceratinly makes rooting for him professionally just as troublesome; however, the following quote speaks volumes for us White Sox fans (and those who have supported Joe Crede throughout the years):

here’s the quote for the day:

?It?s nice for him to play, obviously don?t want to face him all the time,? White Sox ace Mark Buehrle said. ?I think it?s going to be tough playing 80 games on turf. I don?t how that?s going to hold up on his back. Obviously we?ll see. Hopefully he?s going to be healthy all year. Hopefully he doesn?t help them out too much.?

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