Away from the field

Just wanted to begin this entry by expressing my appreciation for the people who have been reading my new blog during the first week of Spring Training, and for those who have even been adding me as a Facebook friend. Feel free to keep doing both.

–I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to my niece, Dana, and my nephew, Brett, who turn 2 on Sunday. Hopefully, the snow and cold will let up tomorrow for a good time to be had by all during the party.

–Still no riding of the mechanical bull for me, although Leslie, my friend and former co-worker on the White Sox beat, made a suggestion if I do. Have one person in attendance ready to dial 911 and have another ready to video tape the event. The challenge has now been set down for me.

–Any predictions on how the NCAA Tournament picture is going to shake out for the Big 10? All I know is Michigan needs to win at Iowa tomorrow and pick up two more victories after that, which should secure a bid and help to erase those nightmares from the disastrous 2008 football season. Eight Big 10 teams literally could make a case for the tournament, not to mention Northwestern.

–Have not yet been to Texas Roadhouse, although I received two more rave reviews on this place. I did hit it up a restaurant called Top Shelf in Peoria, which serves Mexican food, and it was fairly solid and very affordable.

–Remember, just four days until Cactus League action begins for the White Sox. Stay tuned.



We want pictures of you on the bull!


Hi Scott –

Thanks for the update – I was complaining that we had to go a couple days without an update and you treat us to 3 in one day!

You are giving Reifert a run for his money. 🙂

Keep bringing the goods!


Sorry about your team losing, Scott. Do they still have a chance despite the loss? Getting back to the White Sox, any chance you could post a picture of the noticably more svelte Jose Contreras? Everyone else has seen him but me and I’m just dying to!

I am not sure who recommended Texas Roadhouse, but it might be the worst steakhouse in Arizona. Being that you got this information from an apparent Chicago resident I would have assumed he or she knew good food. Apparently that is not the case. There are many more that are far better. I would try Houstons. Pricey, but worth every dollar. There is hardly any great food here. Being a melting pot of cultures Arizona has yet to establish a food to be known for.

Correction. They do serve Bread with Honey Butter. This might be the best pre-meal snack ever because of the butter. Other than that not worth it.

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