Exploring Glendale

Thought I would share with you my Monday adventures with Danielle and Stacy from the White Sox community relations department in an area of Glendale called Westgate. Think of a glitzy, sort of in-your-face type of shopping complex like you would find in Las Vegas, only without gambling and the Kardashian sisters. At least, they weren’t at our restaurant, and trust me, I always look.

As for the restaurant we visited, the food was not really good enough for me to recommend the place–although it was just one visit. There was one sort of interesting service moment, when I ordered my entree and then asked the waitress about also getting a side dinner salad. Little did I know, salad came with the entree so she actually brought two for me.

Clearly, it was my mistake, but when I told her I wouldn’t have ordered another salad if I knew one came with the meal, she looked at me, smiled and said, “Awww.” As they say in the game of baseball, she clearly owned me. But she also took the salad off the bill.

We followd up dinner by visiting an establishment called Saddle Ranch Chop House, where I watched a White Sox staffer ride a mechanical bull. My goal is to tackle the same challenge before I leave Arizona, although my two brothers are taking bets as to what I injure if I actually go through with it.

If you make the trip here for Spring Training, and I encourage everyone to do so to see Camelback Ranch, if nothing else, Westgate seems to be a nice evening venture after baseball. Just be careful of the parking crunch if the Coyotes are playing, since the stadium is bascially attached to the complex.

I also would liked to extend a belated Happy Birthday wish to my friend, Katie, and my Facebook friend, Denise Richards.





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You were right on about Westgate, it was great!. But Camelback ranch was a disaster for me. I came all the way from the east coast, tried to drive to the park today, and was told by the security guard outside that no fans were allowed in just yet. I’m leaving on Sunday, did I make a wsted trip??????


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