News, notes and quotes

For those interested, I found Rock of Love last night. It was on 10 p.m. in Arizona. Not the finest work from Brett Michaels’ and his ladies on this particular edition of this usually hilarious show.

–Here’s a question for the White Sox fans out there: Which member of the organization has the greatest connections throughout the country: A.J. Pierzynski or Ozzie Guillen, Jr.? With all due respect to Ozzie, Jr., it’s hard to argue with Pierzynski’s body of work. You can add playing golf at Augusta National to his various Super Bowls and National Title games attended, with White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker joining him on the historic course. Pierzynski offered the chance up to golf afficionado Ed Farmer, but Farmer was unable to make the trip, according to the White Sox catcher.

–No direct update from Bartolo Colon about how he feels overall and about his return to the White Sox. Colon declined an interview request from a group of media members on Monday morning.

–Carlos Quentin continues to use a hyperbaric chamber as he takes those final steps back on the field after last September’s wrist injury. Quentin believes the chamber and the hyperbaric theories helped him recover.

–Finally, here are today’s All-Star quotes:

“Colon was like 350 pounds when he won the Cy Young (in 2005). He’s not a model. He’s not a jockey. Colon is always going to be like that, but he’s in better shape than what I thought,” White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen on the burly addition to his starting rotation.

“Gavin Floyd, I watched him throw yesterday and he was amazing. And (John) Danks. I kind of don’t like that, when they show up the first day of Spring Training and throw 95 or 96, especially when they are throwing next to (Mark) Buehrle,” Guillen, again, of course.

“I really just enjoy hitting, in general,” Quentin, when asked if he was anxious to get back into action after last year’s rough finish.



Loving the new blog Scott, and the consistent updates. That quote by Ozzie about Bartolo Colon is hilarious. Another blog I read that covers the Sox had a hilarious picture of Colon riding a horse:

Bartolo Colon is not a jockey

Looking forward to the continued updates from Glendale and throughout the season. Thanks for keeping us up to speed!

I agree about “Rock of Love.” It wasn’t very…I dunno. I don’t know how to describe it. 🙂 It wasn’t full of its usual hilarity. I think AJ’s got the better connections. Then again, I don’t know what Ozzie Jr.’s connections are. But it seems like AJ’s been everywhere this offseason.

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