Welcome to the show!

Friday the 13th marks my first move into the world of blogging, which in some way, seems somewhat fitting. So, welcome to my new White Sox blog, Being Ozzie Guillen, which could see a name change as the season progresses. After all, anyone who has covered or spoken to him knows that Guillen stands out as one of a kind in a truly good way.

For those who don’t me, I’m Scott Merkin, beginning my seventh season covering the White Sox for MLB.com. I worked for the Tribune Company prior to this job, live in Chicago and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1987. Any White Sox fans who have read my previous Mailbags can expect a few mentions of Michigan sports along the way in the blog.

My goal is to bring you a little more inside information than the abundance already provided through the entirety of coverage at MLB.com. Most items will pertain to the team. Some will deal with little bits of information I’ve observed outside of baseball along the way. Here are a few to get started.

1) Following a short hiatus, White Sox Mailbags are returning and at a perfect time with White Sox pitchers and catchers reporting Sunday. They will now be called the White Sox Inbox, but send your questions in as before and I’ll get to as many as possible.

2) I sat next to a lovely and intelligent girl named Alexandria from Rockford on my Thursday flight from Chicago to Phoenix. She is a big White Sox supporter and picks Guillen’s crew to win the American League Central in 2009. She also swears by a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse. Anyone else know about this place?

3) Extremely tough loss for Northwestern last night, but that setback might help Michigan get into the NCAA Tourney–if the Wolverines ever win again. There looks to be five teams as locks for the Big 10 and another four competing for one additional Tourney spot.

So, here’s just an early sample of the blog. Check back frequently, as I’ll try to update when I take a little driving tour of the Glendale area following maintenance coming to my Arizona condo to make a few crucial repairs.





Great to have your new blog here, Scott! Have a great Spring Training and looking forward to the posts.


Hello Scott. Looking forward to Pitchers and Catchers reporting on Sunday. I just added you to my White Sox blog list. Besides Gavin, Danks, and Buehrle who do you think will stand out?

Hi Scott! You’ve been added to my blog list, meaning I’ll be checking this on a daily basis. I’m definitely looking forward to your posts, and I can’t wait for the next White Sox Mailbag, er, Inbox! 🙂

Hey Scott… I’m a born-and-raised south-sider who relocated to Atlanta a few years back. You asked about Texas Roadhouse… Well, we have a few down here and it’s great! Good steak, cold beer and a few flat screens… now if we could just get them to put the MLB package w/ Sox games on they’d be all set! – Good luck to the boys in ’09!

Looking forward to reading more on your blog, Scott. I can vouch for the Texas Roadhouse in Peoria, AZ (across the street from the Sports Complex). We were there in ’07 for a post-game dinner and it was quite good!

Looking forward to reading your blog in addition to Reifert’s. Any info on the White Sox is great! Keep it coming.


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